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Individual professional approach.

We are a young and dynamic company founded in 2016. Since then we have successfully established ourselves in the Slovak market. The portfolio of our company is wide. In the field of economy and management we focus on expert advice in project management, strategic management, human resources management and administrative work. As early as 2017, we have deepened our collaboration with wage and HR staff. We have decided to create a unique MZDÁR.com project that combines our professionalism and expertise. We have created a common vision for effective solutions and individual approach to our clients.

Our main priority is to increase the satisfaction of our clients by constantly improving and expanding the skills and experience of our team. Wage agenda processing is a sensitive issue and trust is one of the main components of good mutual cooperation. We are prefessional in this area and our strategy is to grow together with our clients. The MZDÁR.com working team is ready to fully meet your requirements and take care of all the administrative and demanding requirements.


An important part of our development and professionalism are the trainings for our employees to sustainable improve their knowledge about all legislative news and changes. We are constantly monitoring the legislation and laws about employees, wage processing, and all news and changes are being immediately implemented to provide the highest quality services. You do not have to follow any laws or standards that are of direct concern to you. Our payroll experts will take care of everything for you, and you will ultimately save a considerable amount of your costs in the company.

Our mission is an individual approach to each client. Everyone is important to us no matter how much the company has. Everyone is entitled to the professional care and expertise we provide. Let us take care of your employees' salaries and choose from our offer what suits you best. We will look forward to a personal meeting with you, to which we are happy to create an individual tailor-made plan for your company.


Our team

Miroslava Uhrínová
"I found my inspiration for work to become my hobby. After my successful graduation I decided to build my career and constantly shift my boundaries in education, experience and improvements Wage accounting was of interest to me so much so that it has become my alpha and omega in the work area. I have been working for many years in the leading companies that have just devoted to the external administration of payroll and personal agenda. I loved contact with clients and professional access to them my work the experience and expertise. I had the opportunity to get inspired me to start my own business and to fulfill my job ambitions. It is amazing nowadays that experts and experts in their field are teamed up to offer the client complex and effective solutions."

Ing. Adriana Liptáková 
"I found the direction for the working sphere at the University of Economics in Bratislava, where I have successfully completed my studies in the field of economic policy. Here   the first lines of my career have formed - people and their development. The theoretical part about human resources and interaction with the working environment I learned at the university but I did not satisfy this knowledge. I wanted to improve myself in my profession and I took a job at BIS (The British International School Bratislava). I learned the overall importance how to precisely communicate with employees and clients. Human resources agenda and its management is an important area where, when you are doing the right thing, you grow and move with your colleagues. Managing human resources and working in this sphere is the right job for me."

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