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Your reliable partner for the complex payroll processing  and personal agenda.

We offer a wide range of our professional services in the field of complex payroll processing and HR. You can create your own monthly program according to services you use and need the most. With us, you will save a significant amount of monthly costs that you would pay to your internal employee otherwise. Payroll outsourcing is not a novelty on the Slovak market and represents a wide variety of benefits for your company and employees themselves. Our payroll experts have been engaged in comprehensive wage and HR development for many years.

Wage processing takes place on the basis of your submissions for processing this agenda. You are continually informed and interviewed about any kind of uncertainty in order to ensure the smoothness and efficiency of these processes after successful salary transfers.

With our comprehensive services, you have the entire process from choosing an employee to a happy working in your company. Today's workforce offers many opportunities and a relatively high turnover of employees. We can also help you with our offer of services with maximum correctness and adjustment of employment relationships from start to finish.

We offer the following services for overall PAYROLL PROCESSING:

  • calculation of wages
  • monthly statements to health insurance, social insurance and financial administration
  • tax reports (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  • singn-in/out and declaring employees to/from the necessary institutions
  • receipt certificates according to the needs of the employees
  • registration sheets of pension insurance
  • complete accounting output
  • orders for payment
  • recording and calculating wage deductions
  • processing of travel orders both domestic and foreign
  • issuing a tax return receipt
  • processing of annual tax clearance
  • complete processing of employment contracts for permanent employment or different types of agreements and other types of employment relationship

We offer the following services for overall PERSONAL AGENDA:

  • full representation in inspections carried out at the employer, electronic and personal communication with the institutions
  • complete Wage Archiving and Personnel Agenda - You can send your documents at any time on request in a secure pdf file
  • the possibility of paying your wages - an efficient, fast and transparent process for your company
  • the lawyer specialised in labor law, our lawyer will be available to you if you are dealing with legal disputes
  • we are able to provide you with services related to health and safety at work and fire protection services

With our individual approach to each client you have secure communication with a person who has complete insight into your personal and wage settings and conditions. We will always provide you with the best and most effective solution to your current issue or request.

On the basis of the General Newsletter, we will be pleased to inform you of the latest legislation in the area of ​​valid legislation, which enables us to provide you with a proposal for streamlining the personnel and wage agenda.

Wage processing

Complex wage processing for individual types of employment. Main employment, Permanent employment, Labor Agreement and other types.

Employee registration (sign-up)

Login of the employee to the social and health insurance company. Equip all required sign-up requirements.

Employee registration (sign-out)

Logout of employee from social and health insurance. Equip all necessary sign-out requirements.

Institution reporting

Processing of complete documentation on a monthly basis for the social insurance company, the health insurance company and the tax office.

Business trips

Complete billing documentation of a business trip either domestic or foreign. Trace and incorporate all the requisites and changes to the current day.

Annual reports

Complete elaboration of annual tax deduction from dependent activity for your employees.


The biggest advantage of external wage processing is the cost side and financial savings.

Individual package

Build a tailor-made package according to the services you use and need the most according to your individual requirements.

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